Moving into the cloud with Swedbyte: the challenges of a modern workplace

With modern challenges to businesses, moving team collaboration and work management to the cloud is essential. However, this transition is not always as seamless as we wish it to be. And even if you are completely ready to go cloud – in the vast sea of current offerings, what software should you choose? Swedbyte will […]

Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 11th June 2020

Hello everyone! This times has make us think and we might can be entrepreneurs and convert our ideas in a startup. Publishing a demo after having the company deck is one of the most important steps to find support and investors. Find out what you need to know before moving forward here.  In addition, is […]

Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 21st May 2020

Hello everyone! Microsoft just launched Lists, a new “smart tracking app” for Microsoft 365 users. That may sound a lot like a to-do list app and, as Microsoft already offers Microsoft To-Do, you may wonder why it would bother with Lists. But it seems like Lists goes well beyond a basic to-do app. A list […]

New Business? How to Expand Hiring

Most new entrepreneurs are eager to expand as quickly as possible. They see growth as the fuel necessary to succeed and to achieve growth, you need to invest in more resources and a further reach. However, if you aren’t careful, expanding too quickly can work against you. So how can you scale up your hiring […]