BillPin introduces mobile web app, promises Android app soon

BillPin introduces mobile web app, promises Android app soon

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BillPin, a mobile app that helps keep track of shared expenses founded by Darius Cheung, shipped out a new feature over the weekend. The app is now available across all mobile web and you can access it on your mobile browser.

Launched early last month, BillPin was available only on the Apple App Store. While iOS users rejoice over the newly launched app, the app was unavailable on Android devices. Now users can also acces the app through its mobile web app. “The main issue we were trying to solve was accessibility for Android users. Many of our early (iPhone) users feedback is that they cannot use it effectively since half of their friends are on Android”, commented Darius Cheung, the cofounder of BillPin.

With the mobile web version, Android smartphone owners can start tracking their expenses with one another. Simply launch the mobile web app on your mobile or desktop browser and you can start using BillPin. Although the mobile web version provides a quick solution to those without iPhone, the BillPin assured that they are working hard to ship out their Android app. “We are working on an Android app, but we thought we’d launch a mobile web version, that provides a common base layer of accessibility for all mobile users,” adds Darius.


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