Barzahlen: Buy online, pay at retail

Barzahlen: Buy online, pay at retail

Susanne Krehl, will be presenting Barzahlen to the TechMeetups Berlin at Drinks & Demo Night! Berlin 2013 on April 22 at betahaus

Presenter: Susanne Krehl




Head of Marketing/PR at Barzahlen




About Company:

Bar zahlenBarzahlen is an innovative payment system which allows users in Germany to pay for their online purchases with cash. The customer does not have to submit any sensitive financial data and can thus shop online entirely risk-free without fearing fraud or phishing. The goods can be paid for at one of Barzahlen’s local retail partner stores. Among these are supermarkets and drugstore chains accessible nationwide, such as dm drogerie Markt and the mobilcom-debitel stores. Barzahlen taps customer groups for e-commerce which have not been able to shop online at all up until now. Barzahlen also reaches risk-averse customers and those who simply want to pay with cash. Online merchants benefit from the guaranteed payment receipt and risk-free shipping of their merchandise. With Barzahlen online shop owners do not only reach security-aware customers but also increase their conversion rates. The company behind Barzahlen is called Zerebro Internet GmbH and was founded in 2011. It currently employs 25 people in Berlin.

About the Product

Barzahlen is as easy as 1-2-3!
1) The customer shops online and chooses Barzahlen as payment method at the check-out, the customer does not need to enter any sensitive financial data. After completing the order, the consumer receives a payment slip with a bar code which he / she can print or has the payment code sent to his/her cellphone.
2) The customer takes the payment slip to the closest retail partner outlet, where the cashier scans the barcode and the customer pays the purchase.
3) The online-shop immediately receives a payment notification from the cashier system and mails the product.


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