Awesome offices: Inside 13 fantastic startup workspaces in Amsterdam

Awesome offices: Inside 13 fantastic startup workspaces in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam: known to many foreigners as the world’s cannabis capital and (in)famous for its red light district. Not so much for the locals though: a few steps away from the obvious tourist traps you’ll find a budding tech and startup scene. It’s the birthplace of The Next Web, too.

In the first in a series looking at awesome tech company offices, here’s a look at some of Amsterdam’s finest.

1. Greetz

01.-Greetz-1-520x346Colourful and playful best describe the office of self-proclaimed ‘first online greeting cards service in the Netherlands’, Greetz. This company started out by sending cards in the form of tin cans. Today it has over 15 million posted cards on its name, and it seeks to conquer the international market. Judging by the looks of their crib, they seem to be doing well enough.

2. LayerGloss

Probably the youngest company on the list, LayerGloss officially started in May 2012. Building a tool that allows people without any real technical skills to build their own iOS applications, it’s been dubbed ‘One of Europe’s hottest startups’ by Wired Magazine.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this workplace is a quiet refuge in a residential area of nearby Haarlem. That’s right, the town that New York’s Harlem was named after. This office has big windows, a pear tree in the back garden and lots of Apple products. All to create the homely atmosphere that founders Phuong Do and Martin van Spanje were after.


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