Accelerate Your Success by Accelerating Your Cloud! at Google Campus

Accelerate Your Success by Accelerating Your Cloud! at Google Campus

At our Accelerating Cloud and Web Applications event, our attendees learned the benefits of using content delivery networks to increase the quality of their web experience, and also increase the success of their business. Within the walls of Google Campus, attendees were able to listen to three great presentations about the cloud and CDN. After the very educational and diverse presentations by our speakers representing CDNetworks, Venner Shipley LLP, and Arjuna, attendees were able to ask the presenters questions that specifically related to their own businesses, taking away invaluable and personally relevant information.

A content delivery network (CDN) is an interconnected system of computers on the Internet that provides web content rapidly to numerous users. It is able to do this by  duplicating the content on multiple servers and directing the content to users based on the user’s proximity. CDNs are used by Internet service providers (ISPs) to deliver static or dynamic Web pages but the technology is especially well suited to streaming audio, video, and Internet television.

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Another advantage of CDN technology is content back up that provides a fail-safe feature and allows for a slow degradation in the event of damage to, or malfunction of, a part of the Internet. Even during a large-scale attack that disables many servers, content on a CDN will remain available to at least some users. Another advantage of CDN technology is the fact that it offers enhanced data backup, archiving, and storage capacity. This can benefit individuals and enterprises who rely on online data backup services. The benefits are endless!

As useful as CDN technology is, many people do not understand how it works, and some don’t even know of its existence! That’s is why we decided to host this event, for the education of CDN technology.

At our Accelerating Cloud and Web Applications event on 8 February, 2013, we featured presentations from some of the best names in cloud!

Our keynote speaker was Gustavo Zuliani from CDNetworks.

PIC 2CDNetworks enables Global Cloud Acceleration. Our mission is to transform the Internet into a secure, reliable, scaleable and high performing Application Delivery Network. CDNetworks’ unique position as the only multinational CDN with expertise and infrastructure in China, Russia and other emerging markets, enables us to be trusted partners in local markets, while serving as foremost experts on extending into global markets.

Steve Caughey from Arjuna was also a featured speaker.

pic3Arjuna Technologies Limited is a world leading innovator in distributed computing and has an international reputation for delivering mission-critical products to global software vendors. Products developed by the company over the last decade are currently utilised by many thousands of businesses. Today Arjuna is applying its twenty years of research and development experience to enable the next major development  IT – the Federated Cloud.

PICVenner Shipley is one of the leading firms of European patent and trademark attorneys. They are a modern forward thinking firm with a long history and vast quantities of experience in relation to all aspects of patent and trademark work. They represent a broad range of clients including individual inventors and start ups offering advice on how best to protect and exploit  your IP.




Our attendees left the event much wiser about cloud platforms!


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