A truly global startup education and mentoring program #TMUguru

A truly global startup education and mentoring program #TMUguru

This is a blog post from the TechMeetups Guru Program where Mark Peter Davis as our Entrepreneurship guru, Rik Willard as our Social Media guru and Lee Arthur as our Business Development guru to assist founders of startups and business leaders though practical workshops and mentoring. 

We’re super happy to announce that 3 fantastic startup Gurus, all from New York City, will be involved in the Program:

Mark Peter Davis is CEO at recently launched startup Kohort and Venture Partner at High Peak Venture Partners.  As someone who’s seen it all from both sides of the table, who better to be one of our Gurus on raising finance and, very importantly, Thinking Big.  His blog is an excellent resource we’d recommend to any tech entrepreneur.

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Rik Willard is our Social Media Guru and we’re extremely lucky to have him join us in this role.  The fact his past clients include Time Warner, Samsung, Alcatel Lucent and countless top fashion brands says it all.  But if you need more convincing, read more about him here.

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Lee Arthur is Dow Jones’ Director of Business Development.  He’s extremely well connected in both the UK, from here he recently moved, as well as the US.  Lee has also been the Founder of his own startups which makes him a fantastic Guru to know, especially for those looking to create B2B products.

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We’ve mentioned before that the Guru Program has some unique elements.  Giving you the ability to connect with Mark, Rik and Lee as well as other mentors around the world is certainly one of those.  Find out more about the full program here

You can find out more about the TechMeetups Guru Program here or register using the form below to attend in person or participate in the course remotely from anywhere in the world.


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