Guru Program


By  Hubert Gertis  Somebody knows what you watched last summer. And wants to know what else you did while you were watching. And no, it’s not just the NSA. LG had to admit it: their Smart TVs were getting a bit too clever for their own good. LG collected the viewing habits of LG users and […]


By  Hubert Gertis  No, your future home isn’t ready yet. But fascinating things are going on. First, we learn about the power of software. In media, we have to deal with two different kind of intangibles: the non-stuff which keeps your silicon  running. And the equally volatile software called programming. Intel, master of all silicon, […]

Missed Opportunities for Britain’s Dotcoms in Europe!

By  Christian Boas | Quorumm Digital Venture Partners We all know about cultural stereotypes in Europe. which British traits are admired and have the potential to penetrate foreign markets? If we think of Germany for example, we think of a leading manufacturing nation with household names like Mercedes, Siemens and Volkswagen. France is big in many sectors […]

How To Take On The Samwers!

By  Christian Boas | Quorumm Digital Venture Partners Many hot US internet brands struggle in international markets against tech firms that specialise in quickly copying their successful business models, but there’s an alternative route to market that’s also a great opportunity for MBAs. The most famous names in internet cloning are the Samwer brothers, who run Berlin-based […]

Looking back at our first Startup Guru Program

This week marked the end of our very first Guru Program sponsored by Pearson. Over the last 3 months people from all walks of life have joined together in a journey of education in the wonderful world of tech startups. Some came with an idea, some with a product and some simply had a desire […]