10 steps to increasing your productivity in a startup

10 steps to increasing your productivity in a startup

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Anybody who thinks startups are all about fun and free Red Bull is deluded! Sure we manage to play a game of table football at the office, but it’s back to work after recharging our batteries.

Startups are about growth! And that usually includes a massive list of to-dos, very little time and limited resources to finish them all. In a startup you need to be delivering everyday. Otherwise you can say bye bye to growth.

What’s more is that your role and ability to execute quickly also has an effect on the others around you. Others are relying on you to get things done, and if you don’t, you’ll be holding your team back.

So what can you do to make sure you’re performing to the best of your abilities everyday. Here are ten tips on productivity to help you get through the day.

Top 10 Productivity Tips for Startups

1. Plan your day in the morning

Sure you can try to wing it in the morning and just go ahead with any task that comes to your head first. But you’ll be running like a headless chicken after that task is completed.

To make sure you get your day off to a perfect start. Take a few minutes when you arrive at your desk to plan out your day. Check your to-do list to see what needs to get done today and plan your day accordingly.

This will save you time later on and also structures your day into manageable parts.

2. Add blocks of time into your calendar

After you’ve written your tasks down, schedule them into your calendar. Predict how long they’ll take so you can get an overview over whether it’s manageable for today. And be realistic! You are not going to be working for 8 hours straight, so make sure you put in gaps for meetings and breaks – especially lunch!

Another reason to add blocks of time, is that you don’t bogged down with impromptu meetings – the blocks signal that you’re busy! So that means you’ll not be available for meetings during that time. In fact the task is a meeting in itself.



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