Small businesses talk hiring, healthcare reform, and growth

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Original post by ROHIT ARORA via NJ Recently, the Manta SMB Wellness Index found that many small business owners said they were planning to hire at this time last year, but the most of them (80 percent) have not. The survey also found that 45 percent do not plan to hire... Read more »


The Scarcest Resource at Startups is Management Bandwidth

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Original post by MARK SUSTER via  Both Sides of the Table When you work inside a startup with lots of clever and motivated staff you’re never short of good ideas that you can implement. It’s tempting to take on new projects, new features, new geographies, new... Read more »

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Local entrepreneurship efforts attractive in tough economic times

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Original post by CHANNEL 3000 MADISON, Wis. - With Wisconsin's economy struggling to crawl out of a deep recession, the need for innovation and ideas has never been stronger. A weekend event at Madison College brought together more than 100 entrepreneurs, one of whom might... Read more »

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Resume Sourcing for Startups – Faster and cheaper than a recruiter or internal hiring manager

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Original post by Joyce Akiko via Go HR for Startups For the past couple months I’ve been working with a Philadelphia-based minority owned startup called Talentoid. The founder, GigiJK, started some discussions with me. We found that time and cost are two big problems... Read more »


Are infographic resumes really welcomed by employers?

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Original post by Marti Trewe via AGBeat Infographics are all the rage right now, and have even spilled over into resumes in recent years, but do employers actually welcome them, or do they mock the novelty? It is not exactly a black and white issue. The rise of... Read more »

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Startup aims to make selling online simpler and cheaper

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Original post by MARK EVANS via The Globe And Mail Entrepreneurial ideas often pop up when a problem presents itself. That was clearly the case for Katherine Hague, who printed some T-shirts to promote her consulting company, Ninja Parade, and discovered there wasn’t a... Read more »


What makes a startup accelerator work? And why regional accelerators need to change.

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Original post via i Business Angel Business Angels and entrepreneurs are increasingly meeting in the context of a startup accelerator programme, so it matters greatly – to all of us – if the accelerator works or not. (In fact, I have a vested interest here as I... Read more »

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Call me boss: Youth entrepreneurs forge their own paths to self-employment

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Original post by Lauren La Rose via Winnipeg Free Press [caption id="attachment_7769" align="aligncenter" width="647" caption="DAVE CHIDLEY / THE CANADIAN PRESS Enlarge Image Chris Bacik, a 22-year-old Western University student flies his remote-controlled helicopter that... Read more »

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When Facebook Was Young And Trying To Attract Talent, It May Have Pulled This Brilliant Hiring Stunt At Stanford

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Original post by Alyson Shontell via Business Insider At Lerer Ventures' CEO Summit, SV Angel's David Lee took the stage. A CEO in the audience asked the investor what innovative hiring tactics his startups use to recruit talent. Lee referred to a strategy he heard Mark... Read more »

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10 Top Business Models for New Ventures Today

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Original post by MartinZwilling via Startup Professionals One of the toughest decisions for a startup is how to price their product or service. The alternatives range from giving it away for free (like Twitter), to pricing based on costs, to charging what the market will... Read more »

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