5 Golden Onboarding Tips by Appical

5 Golden Onboarding Tips by Appical

Appical app helps all new employees get onboarded quickly and never again lose out on their first day. But now Appical is also looking for new team members! They’ll be with us for New York City Tech Job Fair on the 7th of June, talking to all job seekers attending (and they attend for free so get your ticket now!).

But Appical is more than just a tech solution to support HR departments. They do their best to provide not only an amazing app, but also share their vast knowledge. The company’s blog is full of useful and down-to-earth articles on how to make onboarding efficient and smooth. We found five of our favourite tips by Appical and want to share them with you!


Appical Onboarding Tip 1: Start Early

Time matters in case of onboarding, so you shouldn’t waste it. Start introducing your new employee to the company as soon as possible. You might want to present your company culture to them already on the stage of interview. Make sure your whole team is ready to support the new employee from the very first day. None of you want to lose out on productivity!

“If the induction doesn’t begin until the first few days of employment, then your new hire will lose valuable time in acclimatizing and becoming productive”, says Appical.


Appical Onboarding Tip 2: Make all information available

One of the features of the Appical app is to make sure that new employees have all the needed info in one, easily available place. Even if your company doesn’t use their app, Appical suggests making sure your new employee knows everything they need to know. From their new duties, through specified expectations to where the office amenities are and who to approach with problems – that’s a bunch of data a new employee can’t do without.

Appical Onboarding Tip 3: Make it special

Some companies really surprise their new employees: with gifts, packages or even mini parties. Your company too should make sure that their first day is special and the new employee feels importanted and wanted.

“If your organization doesn’t offer something special, then consider how you would personalise the first day experience and make someone feel welcome?”, ask the app creators.

Appical Onboarding Tip 4: Onboard differently

One of the most important statements you’ll ever find on Appical’s blog, is that you can’t onboard everybody the same way. Different people need different introduction to the company and there are several factors to take into consideration.

You will want to apply different onboarding strategies for different positions, for experienced employees and for those who are new to the industry. Temporary employees also will be greeted into your organization in a different way than people you’ll keep with you for longer.


Appical Onboarding Tip 5: Include management

Don’t place all the onboarding responsibility on the fellow team members or on HR department. Make sure the managers take active part in introducing the new person to the working schedule, habits and routine. The very first day is when they should discuss, from top to bottom, all their expectations and be extra specific about them. This will help the new employee feel they know exactly what they should and shouldn’t do.

What do you think? Is there something you’d like to add about your onboarding experience as an employer or employee? Check out Appical Blog for more tips about this complicated process and, if you’re looking for a job, sign up for the NYC Tech Job Fair now!