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3 Secrets to the Lean Start-up

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Original post by Selena Cuffe via Inc If a small company is disciplined enough not to waste from the get go, it can set itself up to beat the odds and flourish later. Let's face it. This hyper-consumption society we're living in is breaking us down. We are voracious... Read more »

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Devops and The Lean Startup

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Original post by Matthias Marschall via DZone The DevOps Zone is presented by DZone with partners including ThoughtWorks Studios andUrbanCode to bring you the most interesting and relevant content on the DevOps movement.  See today's top DevOps content and be... Read more »

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Has The Lean Startup Methodology Produced Results?Depends On Who You Ask

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Original post by Mark Boslet via PEHUB Listen to Steve Blank, author ofThe Four Steps to the Epiphany,and the answer is yes. The lean startup movement that applies scientific techniques to startup building and which he helped pioneer is producing results. “I think we... Read more »

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Top 10 Phat Startups of 2012

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Original post by Barb Darrow via GIGAOM There’s nothing wrong with making phone apps or mobile games. But Jamie Goldstein thinks that startups — and their backers — should attack bigger, meatier problems. So, while many people talk up the virtues of lean... Read more »

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Considering a Start-Up? Think Again

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Original post by Oliver Segovia via HBR It's been a banner year for start-ups. With the JOBS Act, the rise of international accelerators, the upcoming Facebook IPO, and the mind-blowing $1 billion Instagram acquisition, you can be sure that droves of young, ambitious... Read more »

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Making Lean Startup Tactics Work for Games

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Original post by Tyler via Betable If you’re involved in the startup community or even just follow Hacker News, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve heard about “lean startups” or the “lean startup method.” In his bestselling book, The Lean... Read more »

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Lunching with strangers: The rise of social meals

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Original post by ALLEN GANNETT via TNW I never expected to pay to lunch with a bunch of strangers. I’m increasingly cynical about social media and the new social-local-mobile startups, which seem to emerge daily. The craze of collaborative consumption is no exception.... Read more »

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Book Review: Applying Lessons fromThe Lean Startup to the Arab World

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Original post by Nafez Dakkak via Wamd The Lean Startup is required reading for anybody serious about entrepreneurship. In the swift, engaging read, Author Eric Ries sets forth a scientific method for launching startups successfully and efficiently. Entrepreneurship will... Read more »

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Welcome to the success factory

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Original post by Eric Ries via MT In magazines and newspapers, in blockbuster movies and on countless blogs, we hear the mantra of successful entrepreneurs: through determination, brilliance, great timing, and - above all - a great product, you too can achieve fame and... Read more »

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How We Fooled Ourselvesinto Delaying Our Startup’s Launch

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Original post by Vinicius Vacanti via Businessn Isider I remember reading the first few pages of Steve Blank’s book, Four Steps to Epiphany, and thinking two things: This is not exactly a page-turner This is a really smart way of thinking about startups Soon... Read more »

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