Work in Paradise

Work in Paradise

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Tired of the daily bumper-to-bumper commute; tired of the nine to five grind; tired of a wretched boss not understanding your abilities and needs; tired of having a day off only to have rotten weather?

If the answer to any of those above is yes, consider relocating your career to paradise.  What is paradise?  Everyone has their own definition.  Discover your perspective and start a business plan for that life-altering move.

What is your career?  It might be the same as your current career or it might be, by choice or necessity, a totally different path.  It could be becoming a bartender or owning the bar.

Personally, I was tired of the commute, the rotten weather, the sixty plus hour work weeks and what I call “corporate chaos.”  The direct boss was okay, because that was me.  However, I worked for non-profits meaning the indirect bosses were many – boards and committees.  All were wonderful people one-on-one, but together different agendas could emerge.  I had the good fortune of growing each organization I was with.  The thought always crossed my mind – could I find a business for myself and similarly grow that?