Wittenborg University: Modern Education & Personal Approach

Wittenborg University: Modern Education & Personal Approach

What makes a brand stand out? Is it the awesome service they deliver or their company culture? Wittenborg University can tell you all about it. They’re joining us for our upcoming Amsterdam Tech Job Fair event on the 29th of November! Read their stories below and see what’s the their secret behind becoming an amazing place to work at!

Wittenborg University is an organization which roots go back to 1987. It was founded by Williem H Nijkamp and it quickly grew to provide educational services for the Dutch entrepreneurs. They first dealt with banking, insurance and real estate management sectors.

They came a long way ever since. Today, Wittenborg University offers their services to over 800 students of more than 80 nationalites.

“Our brand stands out because we are small in size, we are private and we are truly international”, says Maggie Feng, Wittenborg University CEO.

They deliver an outstanding service to their students and offer chances like only a high-tier educational institution can. But behind their success there’s a team of devoted and like-minded employees that work hard on making the Wittenborg vision come true.

“My company is a very flat and open organisation, like a big family. I would like us all to represent the new way of working: we are structured and flexible at the same time; we learn new knowledge and gain new skills; we run our tasks in teams and in international environment; we love diversity and we stick to our ethics”, adds Maggie Feng when we ask her about what makes Wittenborg team stand out so much.

At the moment, Wittenborg University is recruiting more employees to join their team.

They’re in need of people who, positive in their life attitude, can accept a variety of tasks and role. Wittenborg University constantly seeks different qualities that that make people capable of performing different tasks.  They look for people who will get involved in their mission on both professional and personal level. The best example of such devotion to what Wittenborg stands for is the story of Debbie, the university student suffering from cancer, who spent her final days personally supported by Wittenborg’s CEO.

Now, you too can become a part of this mission-driven community and help them expand.

Do you think you would fit in the team at the Wittenborg’s University? If you believe this is the place where you’d like to go every day and grow as a person and employee, seek their team out personally. You can meet with Wittenborg team at Amsterdam Tech Job Fair on the 29th of November. Remember, as a job seeker you enter the event for free – book your ticket now!
And if you want to learn more about the company, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!