Why talent.io is Worth Working For And How to Get Hired?

Why talent.io is Worth Working For And How to Get Hired?

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On the 11th of April, we were joined again by the talent.io team – a bunch of creative people who design an innovative platform for all job-seeking developers, to share, connect and network at Amsterdam Tech Job Fair. Here’s who they are and why you should apply for their internal positions! This might get you interested in working for them, so be prepared for reserving your spot in meeting them face to face!

Create something that matters

Coding skills are currently some of the most needed and popular. Almost every company needs a skilled developer to take care of a variety of tasks. And yet, it’s not easy for employers to find the right developer – and vice versa! talent.io solves that problem in several clicks.

The company, founded in 2015, created a smart and innovative platform that connects developers with employees. Their idea is based on simplicity and efficiency of the solution, saving time and effort for both parties.

Joining talent.io means that you too will become a part of this market-changing solution. If you’ve ever wanted to do something that matters, this is your chance. Seek out employment in their Amsterdam team to make the difference for developers and employees alike!

Be heard

One of the most important things for talent.io is their flat company structure. Here, every person matters and everyone has an impact on the final product.

Be heard out at talent.io. Your ideas, input, your creativity and willingness to step up will be noticed, appreciated and rewarded. You’ll be part of the team where each opinion is equally valued. Show them what you’ve got – from your very first day.

Take ownership and grow

Current employees at talent.io say that the company pushed them far forward on both personal and professional levels. Their company culture stimulates growth and encourages people to take ownership of their responsibilities.

If you’re looking for a workplace to boost your career on all accounts, talent.io should be your destination. You will be encouraged to initiate, promote and complete projects which you find important and relevant. In the flat hierarchy, you are responsible for your own work, initiatives and management; the company pushes employees forward from the start.

talent io hiring

talent.io is changing the way developers find work, but they also change their employees lives! They are a dream workplace, with their collaborative and close-knit employees, who enjoy spending time together even after working hours. Become a part of their team – for your personal and professional growth.

You still have the chance to meet talent.io’s recruitment team in our upcoming job fair this November.  Grab the opportunity to be interviewed and be hired on the spot.  Make sure to join our job fair by getting your tickets here.

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