Why Singapore is Attractive to Indian Entrepreneurs…

Why Singapore is Attractive to Indian Entrepreneurs…

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Touted as the unofficial capital of Asia, Singapore is maturing as a regional entrepreneurial hub. The country has been singled out for its potential to turn into Asia’s Silicon Valley with an increasing number of technology enterprises, Internet start-ups, venture capitalists and incubators establishing a presence in Singapore.

Singapore’s business friendly climate, corrupt free institutions, efficient legal system, low tax regime, top-notch infrastructure, innovative visa schemes, and excellent living environment have turned it into a hotspot for enterprising individuals and ambitious business owners from all over the world; India being no exception.

Indian companies constitute the single largest business community from any single country in Singapore. As many as 120 India-based companies are reported to incorporate a company in Singapore every month and their numbers have swelled to around 5,000 as of 2011.

So what is it about Singapore that is driving Indian companies and businessmen to its shores?

Ease of doing business

The Singapore government’s timely and proactive reforms have shaped the country’s business environment, which is conducive for business growth and expansion. Corruption watchdog,Transparency International confirms that Singapore is indisputably the least corrupt nation in the world.


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