Who are the hottest Startups in Berlin right now

Who are the hottest Startups in Berlin right now

One of the most exhilarating things about Germany and Berlin in general is the fact that here you can find a wide range of interesting tech startups that continually try to bring new technologies on the market. This is one of the main reasons why they are constantly hiring, because they always want to bring new, more immersive and useful technologies on the market at all times.



This is one of the tech startups that focus on providing an on-demand cloud working service which allows companies to perform digital outsourcing in a professional and reliable manner. WorkHub combines the mobile tech with the digital outsourcing ideas in order to take the freelance work to the next level.


00000 BonusBox is basically a marketplace for uniqueness that allows businesses retain customers unlike never before and at the same time it helps generate more leads for any company as well. This Berlin startup is hiring in order to provide better service for companies that want to perform customer acquisition in a more efficient manner.



Blippex is one of the tech startups that’s bent on innovating the way search engine works. The company has created and continually improves a search engine that indexes only what people see online, and this is the main reason why many call this the Wikipedia of search.



Tweek is a Berlin startup focused mostly on performing social-data driven discovery created specifically for the entertainment industry. Simply put, the technology is created in order to track social media information efficiently so that the clients get an accurate idea of the user reception.



Fyber is an open ad monetization platform that allows developers to get the revenue share they want from their apps. This is one of the few tech startups in Berlin that was created with the ability to offer video and engagement ads, as well as mediation and direct response in a seamless manner, so you can take your business to the next level.



Created as a testing facilitation for the agile development process, Test Cloud offers a solution that’s reliable, inexpensive, but which at the same time is very easy to set up and which brings you professional testers that, combined with API integration, brings you accurate results fast.



BonaVerde is quite different when compared to the other startups in the tech industry, mainly because it’s set to create the first coffee machine that can roast, grind and brew coffee. All of these actions are done by a single machine.



Manetch allows your business to enrich its professional network and take it to the next level with the help of a custom made matching algorithm set to provide astounding results and professionalism for all users. All of these tech startups from Berlin are continually trying to implement the newest tech so that we can have an easier and better life. It’s important to know that some of these are actually hiring, so it’s a very good idea to check them out if you want to get a job or just find out more about the impressive technologies currently being worked on there!

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