Where to start with your marketing when you’re a startup

Where to start with your marketing when you’re a startup

Original post by Jacob Geiger via Work IT, Richmond

When startups try to build marketing plans, one of the toughest challenges is knowing where to start.

Elisabeth Edelman, who does public relations work at The Hodges Partnership for luxury brands, tells her clients to take a deep breath.

“Don’t be overwhelmed and try to do everything — advertising, PR and 800 social media platforms,” she said during a Venture Forum panel on startup marketing. “Pick a few things you can do well and focus on them. From there it’s all about relationships.”

Mike Gray of Commonwealth Partnerships said the key when picking where to focus is to analyze and understand your audience.

“Having data lets you go after your target clients,” he said. “What’s the best way to reach your target audience? Don’t do a brochure just because the guy across the street does one.”

Chris Busse, a partner at social media and online marketing firm Create Digital, said once you identify the audience it’s time to listen. He said the most successful businesses are open to feedback — and actively solicit it — then tailor their marketing plans to incorporate what customers say.

The panel also focused on how young companies should build their brands. Busse said branding is about customer or user experience, not website and logos. Edelman, who previously ran her own PR shop, said she went two years without a website or logo.



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