“The Winner Takes It All”

“The Winner Takes It All”

Oogst - Amsterdam Tech Job Fair 2019

Oogst is coming to our Tech Jobs Fair in Amsterdam on the 11th of April, 2019. For job seekers, this is a great opportunity to meet this awesome company and get hired!

Please take some time and see what drives this company to success in this digital world.

That is what we come across in many online markets. That is why the smallest detail in the implementation makes the difference. A clear vision of online growth is a necessity. We believe that you have to be at the forefront in order to win and with this motivation we can achieve great results. Day in day out.

What are we doing?

In 2006 we started as search engine specialist ‘Search Factory’. Search is still the solid foundation under Oogst. We have now grown into a digital marketing agency with a strong focus on the use of customer data and online returns. Online channels such as search, display, social and affiliate are thus effectively managed, but also on a strategic level Oogst offers a proven approach to properly guide digital growth. We offer the knowledge, continuity and drive to take an organization to the next level in a structured Maturity approach. We work for major national and international premium brands.

Scalable 1-on-1 communication

Our core activities consist of purchasing, deploying and optimizing digital media to reach target groups effectively. With the right message, at the right time. We make 1-on-1 communication with target groups and people scalable and the effect measurable.

We are demonstrably a forerunner in the use of data within online marketing and pioneers in the field of  Data Management Platforms . Thanks to our years of experience in the most challenging online markets and continuous innovation, we are a discussion partner at every level: from strategy to operation, from setting up processes to training people and implementing technology.

We are 100% transparent. We assess both branding and performance marketing on the basis of clear KPIs and provide full insight into purchasing costs, results and activities.

Recognized and leading

Online marketing is people work. Recruiting, training and efficiently deploying experts is an important part of our success as an agency. Our specialists are the best in their field, are able to excel in every channel and set the bar high to achieve the best result.

We are happy to share our knowledge with others: towards our clients, but also through our blogs and publications via Emerce, Marketingfacts and Twinkle. We regularly speak at leading events and congresses, thereby continuously working on our reputation as an innovative online marketing agency.

In 2019, Oogst  was named number 1 in no less than two sections of the  Emerce 100 : with 5.5 stars in the Digital Marketing agencies ‘large’ category and with 5.5 stars in Analytics & Optimization agencies. Oogst has achieved high scores in the  Emerce 100 for years on end . In addition, we are one of the most talent-focused organizations and in 2018 received the  Talent Development seal  . In 2017, Oogst was one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands and therefore received an  FD Gazelle Award .

In addition to being recognized by Google as a Partner, we are one of the few agencies with a  Google Analytics 360 accreditation and the only agency with two Relay42 accredited marketers.

Remember, Oogst is coming to our Tech Jobs Fair in Amsterdam on the 11th of April, 2019! Please bring your CVs and be prepared to give them your very best first impression that will earn your spot on their team!

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