The rise of SMS marketing – expert offers start-up guidelines

The rise of SMS marketing – expert offers start-up guidelines

Original post by Michelle Hammond via startupsmart

Start-ups have been urged to consider text messages as a key marketing channel, after a report revealed 97% of text messages are opened – a far higher rate than email.

Chetan Sharma, a US-based technology and strategy consultancy, conducted some research on the rise of the humble text message as a means of communication for businesses.

According to the research, 97% of text messages get opened, and most are opened within four minutes. Meanwhile, 83% are opened within the hour.

Vito Grigorov, co-founder of Sydney-based start-up Slexicon, told StartupSmartSMS is the most “frictionless” way to communicate.

“When I say frictionless, it’s a medium that every mobile phone has the capacity to provide for,” he says.

Slexicon allows businesses to collect customers’ mobile numbers in-store.

“Then, through a simple phone call to us, [those businesses can] share offers and updates with their loyal customers via SMS and their online news feeds,” Slexicon says on its website.

Grigorov says unlike apps, everyone knows what a text message is, which is why SMS marketing is so effective.


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