The Investment Savvy of Silicon Alley in New York

The Investment Savvy of Silicon Alley in New York

Original post by Ye Huijue via Morning Whistle

Amid reviving global investment, Silicon Alley in New York has polished its exclusive operation model in the investment wave. Similar name with the famous Silicon Valle in America’s west coast, Silicon Alley means the internet and mobile information and technology enterprise clusters gathering from the Manhattan downtown to Soho District.

During the period of 2007-2011, Silicon Alley enjoyed 32 percent rally in its venture investment trading volume, while Silicon Valley showed downward trend.

Maria G. Gotsch, the president and CEO of New York City Investment Foundation, as well as Robert P.Gach, partner of Accenture Global capital market industry management, indicated with reporter that the development of IT technology in the area of fnancial services is the hot spot of nvestment in the future, and they are planning to widen corporation with emerging markets, in an effort to attract venture investment.

21CBH: how does the foundation provide assistance for enterprises in Silicon Alley? Where is the directing teacher from?

Gotch: the largest problem for small sized enterprises is that they fail to find the right contactor in the massive banking industry, while financing from foundation can help them to directly locate the critical person. As to the directing teacher, there are two channels available. First is from the executive managers from banks in New York City, and secondly experienced entrepreneurs are also the resource. For this enterprise that is just during their incubation time, teachers coming from above channels will give different directions. Each enterprise will be bonded with three banks, with direct connection from the bank’s CTO or their subordinated teams, for the latter will assist enterprise to solve problems in their 12-month development.


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