The interview Dress to impress “To be successful you have to look successful”

The interview Dress to impress “To be successful you have to look successful”

There’s no getting around the fact that image matters. The way you walk, talk and dress affect the way other people see you and think of you. To be successful you have to look successful, and looking successful begins with how you dress. 

When we first meet new people, 55% of the impression we make is based on the way we dress, act and walk through the door; 38% on our voice, our accent, use of grammar and overall confidence. Only 7% is based on what we actually say!

 So what does what you wear say about you? Dressing appropriately is very different from dressing conservatively. A little style is always appropriate, even in the most conservative of professions. This applies to men as much as women, pre-matched shirts and ties can make you look like a chain store clone. Be creative, and choose clothes that express your own individuality, and reflect your personality.

 Research has shown that men look more professional and more authoritative in darker suits.

Colour is also very important in the image we project. Skin tone, the colour of the eyes and colour of hair all affect the colour of clothes which suit us best. If you have strong features or colouring, for example, warm, dark colours can often ‘wipe out’ your own natural colouring, leaving you looking pasty or even ill. Colour matching is a lesson many of us need to learn, including men!

 Classic styles are the ones to aim for, but more important are good quality clothes with an elegant fit to convey a quiet professionalism.

 Hairstyles should be neat and businesslike, and studies prove that women who wear make-up to work are promoted more rapidly. Men should note that research has shown that beards can make you look like you’ve got something to hide.


It’s not only other people’s perceptions of you which can be affected by the way you present yourself. Looking the part and feeling smart and professional will boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. This helps you to project the image you want. 

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