The biggest winner is the future

The biggest winner is the future

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As the official network infrastructure supporter for The Games, Cisco is already helping London achieve a rewarding legacy.

Cisco’s network infrastructure has helped to deliver all voice, video and data traffic for London 2012. It was carried over the communications services network provided by fellow technology partners to the thousands of people officiating, reporting on, competing in and enjoying The Games.

Essential network infrastructure equipment also supported The Games’ time and administration applications on the LOCOG network. This included network security appliances, routing and switching equipment, wireless access points and controllers, IP telephony, handsets and the call manager system via Cisco’s Hosted Unified Collaboration Service.

To put this into perspective, it means Cisco connected a record 94 Sites, 1,800 Wireless Access Points, 16,500 IP Telephones, 65,000 Active Connections and 80,000 Data Ports. This is equivalent to 46 simultaneous World Championships.

Winning ways

The Games were some of the most triumphantly successful ever, especially if you’re British (or one of the 110,000 citizens of the tiny Caribbean state of Grenada). From the astonishing opening ceremony to the 471 medal events in 34 venues, the action, the emotion and the sheer excitement was electrifying.

Every single event has been available to watch and follow on more electronic communications and video devices than ever before in HD, 3D and surround sound. Delivering all of it smoothly and at the speed of light requires untold terabytes of capacity, not to mention the heavyweight equipment necessary to carry it. That’s why London 2012 marks a huge leap forward in the way technology enables, delivers and transforms the Olympic experience for its global audience.



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