Techmeetups presents: Social Media (Mini) Unconference (New York City)

Techmeetups presents: Social Media (Mini) Unconference (New York City)

This is our first unconference being hosted in NYC and we’re really looking forward to seeing you there!

The theme of the unconference is SOCIAL MEDIA. We have 3 topics set aside:


1. What I learned from starting a company and using Social Media in the early-days

2. What I learned from managing other companies Social Media channels

3. What I learned from building my personal online network through Social Media

Below is our list of speakers:


1. Gina Waldhorn, Partner at Evol8tion





2. Rik Willard, President & CEO at RULE7MEDIA LLC







3. Brad Dressler, Founder at Pro Social Media Coaching and Marketing




Each session will last 25 minutes, including Q&A. There will be 1 main speaker for each session with 2 slots for adhoc speakers to schedule themselves in.

How to become a main speaker: EmailLuisa (NYSACoorganizer)

How to become an adhoc speaker: Show up early on the day of the event, grab a post-it, write your name and a short description, include the section of the floor you’ll be speaking at, and stick-it below the appropriate topic.


We are charging $5 for the meetup – this covers drinks and light snacks.

The first session begins at 7pm.

Don’t be late!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 (6:30 PM To 9:00 PM)


Wix Louge (10 West 18th St., 2nd Floor, New York, NY)

 About Techmeetups:


TechMeetups has been setup to create a global network of Tech communities from San Francisco to Sydney. We believe that Tech communities are isolated and great things can be achieved if we connect within our cities and outside our borders. Our goal is to create a global Tech cluster of over 50 inter-connected Tech communities by 2013.

Membership to our communities is free and anyone thinking about doing their own Startup and wanting to bounce ideas off each other, meet potential partners or investors in their city or even connect with like minded individuals in other parts of the world are welcome to join our groups! TechMeetups is all about YOU so come along, join us and lets connect to form a truly global tech community!



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