TechMeetups Launches in Silicon Valley

TechMeetups Launches in Silicon Valley

We are thrilled to announce that TechMeetups is launching meetup group SiliconValley in San Francisco. This city is the home of technology and Techmeetups is excited to be part of this as we feel other tech communities can learn a lot from what is happening here and collaborate with existing companies.

We started this group in order to bring together startups, entrepreneurs, investors, techies and webbies in and around San Francisco.

 The Silicon Valley TechMeetups will be run by RickWinField an Entrepreneur with many years of experience who is stuck in a technologists body (as he likes to describe himself).


What is Techmeetups?


TechMeetups has been setup to create a global network of Tech communities from San Francisco

to Sydney. We believe that Tech communities are isolated and great things can be achieved if we connect within our cities and outside our borders. Our goal is to create a global Tech cluster of over 50 inter-connected Tech communities by 2013.

Our global community started out with the launch of the London Silicon Roundabout Tech community in December 2010. Following it’s success in becoming one of the city’s fastest growing groups, we have launched TechMeetups communities in the following locations:




Middle East & Africa:DubaiCapeTown

As part of our expansion plans we are now launching in San Francisco. We started this group in order to bring together startups, entrepreneurs, investors, techies and webbies in and around London.

Why become a member of Silicon Valley TechMeetups?

Anyone who is thinking about starting their own software or web company and wants to bounce ideas off each other and meet potential partners or investors are welcome to join this group!

Our aim is to connect the various tech communities to help our members network, connect, invest and launch products in the hottest technology clusters. We plan to organise monthly meetups to cover various technology subjects that are of interest to our members.

 How can you use TechMeetups to grow your company?



We are passionate about Startups & feel that Startups need all the help they can get to get off the ground. To help Startups further we launched our regular Startup Mentoring Program and listen to ideas, help with business advice and if required provide intensive hands on mentoring. This helps Startups position themselves better in the market and be more investment ready in front of our Investment Panel on ‘Investor day’. Another Startup event called ‘Big Business meets Startup’ has been planned to bridge the gap with the Business community as we feel both groups could learn and benefit from each other.

Some of the other thing we help our community with include ….





TechStartHub helps launch your company in any of our global tech communities. From company incorporation to office space and from assembling a team to launching your product talk to us & perhaps we can be of help.





Recruiting ? Wanting to hire that perfect team. Post your jobs on TechStartupJobs and/or take part in TechStartupJobs Fair to attract the right talent to your company.






Do you have a special offer to make to the Tech / Startup community ? Post it on TechStartupDeals and we will help you promote it across your local community and if needed across our communities.


List of upcoming meetups & events for our group in 2012


Jan – TechStartupJobsFair

Feb – Mobile App Hackathon

Mar –EcomSummit (Ecommerce)

Apr –TechStartupWorld

May –Digitalcreativity

Jun –CloudBase (Cloudsolutions)

Jul –SocMed (SocialMedia) &HTML5 Hackathon

Aug –SummerBash (SocialtocelebratetheOlympics)

Sep –Gaming2Gamification &TechStartupJobsFair

Oct –CrowdCamp (CrowdSourcing)

Nov –MobileHackathon

Dec –XmasParty



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