Taking Your Startup Global

Taking Your Startup Global

Original post by RIEVA LESONSKY via Read Write Web

Every online startup has a global presence, whether that’s its goal or not. For e-commerce startups the question then becomes, “Do you really want to turn down a sale just because the order comes from overseas?”

To Laurel Delaney, founder and president of Chicago-based GlobeTrade.com and creator of The Global Small Business Blog that’s like asking, “Are you really going to turn down the opportunity to go skydiving because you don’t know what precautions to take when diving out of a plane?”

Know Before You Leap

Either way, the key is to know what you’re getting yourself into. Learn what to do so you minimize your risks and enjoy the experience, advises Delaney. “Do your homework and take action when you are confident you know what you are doing.”



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