Small Retailers Say Goodbye to Cash Registers, Hello to New Point of Sale

Small Retailers Say Goodbye to Cash Registers, Hello to New Point of Sale

Retailers are increasingly using new mobile point of sale systems, reports Mobile Payments Today Magazine. Large chains such as Best Buy have been using mobile systems within their stores for many years, as the employees who walk the floor have found it a far more efficient way to help their clientele. Advanced point of sale systems offer an incredible amount of versatility and function in the palm of an employee’s hand.

Close Sales Quickly

New point of sale systems, such as the Intuit mobile system GoPayment, enable employees to close sales quickly and effectively, and this can lead to increased revenues. Some systems can even be used on mobile devices, enabling those who are out in the field to close sales as efficiently as those within the office.

Cost-Effective Mobile POS Systems

With services like the Intuit payment center, any leading smartphone or tablet can be instantly turned into a payment processor. Older POS systems and cash registers used to be prohibitively expensive, sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollars to install. Mobile POS systems and advanced POS systems free the company from what could otherwise be a significant expense.

Updating More Effectively

Mobile POS systems, SaaS POS systems and POS systems that run on computers can have regular updates piped through to them online. This allows a company to ensure its POS system always has the latest patches and updates and that the system remains secure. Other POS systems, especially those that include hardware, can quickly become outdated or unsupported. Point of Sale News notes an SaaS system on the cloud can also be used to take advantage of technology that a company could not otherwise afford.

Integrate Directly with Accounting Features

Perhaps the most valuable feature of new POS systems is that they can integrate directly with your company’s accounting files. New POS systems can either export into your accounting files or make entries directly to it. You can manage yourIntuit payroll services, vendor checks and receipts, all within a single application with an advanced SaaS or mobile system.

Cash is Dying Out

One of the most prominent reasons many retailers don’t rely on cash registers is because cash transactions are rapidly decreasing. The Washington Post reports that only half of all transactions are in cash, and the rest are in the form of debit or credit. This trend will continue, which makes the standard cash register and physical point-of-sale system increasingly unnecessary.

Cash registers are becoming exceedingly rare as retailers move away from them to more advanced point-of-sale systems. With an advanced POS system, retailers can easily track their sales data and upload it directly to their accounting programs. Most advanced POS systems can be used on mobile devices as

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