Silicon Prairie now prime startup territory

Silicon Prairie now prime startup territory

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Earlier this month, we reported on the emergence of Kansas City’s “Startup Village,” spurred by the Google Fiber broadband project. However, there may be more at work than Google’s intervention: there are many other tech hotspots are springing up across the US Midwest, from Iowa to Nebraska.

As observed by The New York Times’ John Eligon, there is a new generation of entrepreneurs emerging in various locales across the US heartland, attracted by low costs and a higher, less-stressful quality of life.

“From [Des Moines] to Omaha to Kansas City — a region known more for its barns than its bandwidth — a start-up tech scene is burgeoning. Dozens of new ventures are laying roots each year, investors are committing hundreds of millions of dollars to them, and state governments are teaming up with private organizations to promote the growing tech community.”



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