Silicon America: 5 Startup Economies Keeping it Real and Bringing it Back

Silicon America: 5 Startup Economies Keeping it Real and Bringing it Back

Original post by Rebekah Iliff via Huff Post 

Before startups where “hot” and being a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur was the quickest way to guarantee getting laid on the regular, the innovators of yesteryear, without the connectivity and democratization of information that technology now affords, built businesses around a solid skill set or profession, created educational institutions that challenged the status quo, and singlehandedly brought us things like blenders and washing machines.

We are, for all intents and purposes, amidst a huge, seismic shift but constant reminders of our “no jobs” economy are actually, not as true as you’d think. We’re not losing the global innovation war.

While the polarized political climate is palpable and the complaints around economic stability are great, the groundswell of entrepreneurship has never been more apparent.

While many Americans stand firmly among the “dung” of a shifting job market in clear need of modernization, updated hiring modalities, and (frankly) a workforce able to keep up with the changes facilitated by our incessant hyper-connectivity, a beacon of light calls to our very individualized, cultural DNA.

This is the core of who we are (innovators) and here is what we have done in the past decade in case you’ve missed it: we have democratized entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem that supports it, and we are re-building the middle class from Ground Zero.

What was once reserved for the elite and major market leader locales like New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Los Angeles is now being laterally afforded to nearly every regional market across America for those willing to giddy up and go get it.

This not a girl thing, a boy thing; a gay thing, a straight thing; a poor thing or a rich thing… nah nah, this is a soul thing.

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