Rational Group supporting cancer research with mobile phone game

Rational Group supporting cancer research with mobile phone game

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IMG_7320-300x199The Rational Group’s ‘Helping Hands’ program is proud to be supporting Play to Cure: Genes in Space, a mobile game that analyses genetic data while you play, empowering users to help accelerate cancer research.

On February 4th, World Cancer Day, Rational Group staff in London and the Isle of Man were joined by BBC Radio One and Team PokerStars Pros in order to raise awareness for the game. A similar luncheon was hosted in the Full Tilt Poker’s Dublin Offices this week. Cupcakes were served.

“I really enjoyed playing the game and think it’s amazing that by playing a video game people can contribute towards cancer research. I’m proud to be associated with PokerStars and involved in the launch of this fantastic project with Cancer Research UK,” Eugene Katchalov commented.

Mobile Game Concept

The concept started in March 2013: two PokerStars employees were invited to join Cancer Research UK scientists and teams from Amazon, Facebook, and Google to help design and develop a mobile game that would aid cancer research.

“As a technology company, we are very proud to see that our highly skilled workforce can have a real positive social impact through this exciting project. We are all so excited about the game – it’s a unique way to help Cancer Research UK with their amazing work and great fun at the same time,” said Rational Group Head of Corporate Giving Sue Hammett.


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