Pusher Sponsors TechMeetups App Hackathon: HTML5 & Cloud, London 20-22 July 2012

Pusher Sponsors TechMeetups App Hackathon: HTML5 & Cloud, London 20-22 July 2012

With only a few a days left to go before the TechMeetups
App Hackathon: HTML5 & Cloud, we’d love to introduce you to our Sponsor Pusher!

Pusher is a hosted service that allows developers to quickly and easily add realtime functionality into their web and mobile applications. That means it allows users receive new data, live content or information about other user’s actions without having to refresh. This makes it possible to build realtime, interactive and engaging apps.

We think Pusher is a fantastic service for developers to try.  They provide client libraries for HTML5, iOS and Android to allow clients to connect to their service, and a simple REST API for publishing messages to them from your server (Pusher’s libraries are in lots of languages). There’s no need for developers to re-architect their applications, or learn new languages and frameworks to create apps which are realtime.  Companies already using Pusher include ITV, MailChimp, SildeShare, Groupon, UserVoice and GetGlue.

As part of their involvement in the hackathon, Pusher will be providing all participants with 3 months free access to their Bootstrap plan.  There will also be a video workshop from Pusher on Saturday 21 July at the hackathon to let participants find out how to use the API and get the very best results.

See how Pusher can help you with as a developer by visiting pusher.com

You can learn how to get the most out of the Pusher API by getting involved in the TechMeetups App Hackathon: HTML5 & Cloud over the weekend of 20-22 July.  Turn up and pitch your app idea or come along and join a team to build an app prototype over one weekend with the support of expert mentors!

You can also register to just attend our series of workshops taking place 10:30am – 12pm on Saturday 21st July.

For more information and registration details follow this link.


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