Prodyna Professional and Dynamic

Prodyna Professional and Dynamic

We’re so excited about the upcoming Tech Job Fair and having you there. But while we are packing our luggage, you can take your chance and meet another the company joining us there to find the tech talent that will complete their teams.

Meet PRODYNA: an innovative IT consultancy serving the digital needs of corporate enterprises across the continent. With around 320 employees, PRODYNA is represented by offices in the major European commercial regions including the UK and Netherlands.

Despite different cultures, languages or career focuses the team has a common vision: bringing customer’s projects to success and developing user-friendly software. They place great emphasis on close relationships with their customers, employees and partners in the open source environment.

The name PRODYNA is associated with professionalism and dynamic. But the name also hides the core statements of the corporate philosophy: that by which they are characterized and what the employees appreciate about the company.

Working with PRODYNA is like working with good friends. The corporate culture is based on community spirit, passion and joy in what they do. They expect a lot from the employees – high-quality software, professional appearance, dedication and ideas. An environment in which everyone feels comfortable is the best way to reach it.

For this reason, their social benefits are multifaceted, so that everyone can feel comfortable and they can grow together to be successful. Here are some of the perks the company offers to its employees:

  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • Further training
  • Dynamic
  • Trust
  • Initiative

Are you ready to meet Prodyna team? Then join us in Amsterdam Tech Job Fair and get a chance to have a word with them face-to-face. Get your tickets now! You can also learn more about their team if you visit their website, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter!