Personio: Making HR Easy Again

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Personio: Making HR Easy Again

We’re positive that this year’s spring edition of Munich Tech Job Fair is going to be great. The group of our exhibitors is just growing more and more each week. What does that mean to you? More chances of getting hired in some of the best local tech startups!

And today we want you to meet Personio – a company that believes in making HR process simple, as long as you stick to digital solutions. Dive into the interview we’ve got for you – it’s a good read!

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What’s the story behind the creation of Personio?

Personio’s market entry happened in 2015 with a minimum viable product of the software by the founders Hanno Renner, Ignaz Forstmeier, Roman Schumacher and Arseniy Vershinin and the team was completed by Jonas Rieke just shortly after. The founders met while studying together at the Center for Digital Technology & Management in Munich. The founders of Personio started the SaaS company to tackle a common problem: they realized that HR tasks are time-inefficient processes that consume the company’s money and the workers’ valuable time. Therefore, the startup designed and implemented a flexible and holistic HR and Applicant Management software to bundle all HR processes digitally into one solution and is adaptable as well as affordable for small and medium businesses from 10 to 1.000 employees. To date, Personio has been awarded several times and plays an essential role in making the day-to-day operations of more than 1.000 HR teams across the globe more effective and transparent. What started off as a simple idea has quickly turned into the new best friend of HR managers who have everything under control and can manage the entire work cycle of each employee in one place.


What’s your company culture like?

We see ourselves as one big team with a common objective, always thinking about how others could benefit from our knowledge and experience. We strive for a pleasant environment and a friendly relationship in which we have fun as a team, appreciate humor and celebrate our success together through regular team events. Each quarter we set ambitious goals that define the “what” while everyone is responsible for finding out the “how”. We achieve these milestones through open communication and transparent decisions across all departments. In short: we are passionate about making Personio even more successful by facilitating the daily HR work for many companies in the B2B area and, at the same time, becoming the digital forerunner of people management by exchanging our learnings & know-how with other HR experts within the industry.


What is your team like? How do you work?

As a startup, we work agile, dynamic and outcome-oriented. Our working principles determine the culture at Personio, how we interact as a team and make daily decisions. We seek solutions instead of complaining about problems and focus on achievements rather than shortcomings. We take initiative, both inside and outside our role, and involve all relevant people. We are able to communicate precisely, collaborate efficiently and always put customer satisfaction first in every decision. We want to improve individually and as a company and, therefore, always question the status quo and challenge ourselves as well as others constructively.

We work together in small mission-based teams to focus on a specific and well-defined task, love good coffee and value results more than dress code. Our team now consists of around 140 employees and comes from over 23 nations. There is close cooperation between the different teams so that compatibility and communication are ensured in all our developments and decisions. Embrace the adventure of our startup world, take full responsibility for your area and use the opportunity to help shape our company in its growth phase.


What kind of people are you looking for?

We are a good-humored and fast-growing team who aims to make Personio the leading SaaS HR management and recruiting solution for small and medium-sized businesses in Europe by 2020. To drive our growth and turn our vision into reality, we are looking for the best talents and creative minds to join our team – whether as a trainee, intern, Junior or Senior Manager:

  • Business Intelligence: Data-driven decisions and cross-functional data access
  • Customer Success: Software implementation and customer value maximization
  • Finance & Legal: Controlling, legal protection of our decisions, Office Management & Strategy
  • Marketing: Lead Generation, Event Marketing and PR
  • Sales: Converting leads into customers, Customer Relationship Management
  • People & Organization: Recruiting, inspiring and winning new talents, Employer Branding
  • Product & Engineering: Developing and testing the core product of our company


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Who’s the best match for your team?

Whether Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, Young Professional or Senior, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Business Administration, Communication Sciences or a comparable degree: in our versatile mission-based teams, everyone will find their right place. It is not your grade average that matters to us, but rather your profound communication skills, customer orientation, analytical competence, teamwork skills and, above all, the willingness to learn new things every day.

We value soft skills and networking – that’s why we’re looking for motivated talents of all age groups who stand out from the crowd through their own mind and character, cleverness and creativity, who work independently and who like to proactively engage in conversation with people. A certain basic technical understanding is necessary, but many of our employees also work by the principle of “learning by doing”.


What benefits and perks do you offer your employees?

In addition to our open and fun corporate culture, your chance to take on new responsibilities and the opportunity to shape your work area, Personio offers many more benefits:

  • Work in our central and modern office in the heart of Munich – coffee, mate, fruit & cereals? All included!
  • Use your annual development budget of € 1.500 to improve your knowledge and develop your career
  • Decide whether you want an UNU electric scooter as a company vehicle or a subsidy to the MVV ticket
  • Through our subsidized Qualitrain membership, you can train for just € 25 a month in 90 fitness and yoga studios, swimming pools and many other sports facilities in Munich
  • Become part of our unique Personio Community and celebrate our success in joint team events (regular office dinners, hackathons, oktoberfest, etc.)

Personio is now in need of more people to join their team and help them grow. Are you in? If you think you’d fit in their team, make sure you sign up for Munich Tech Job Fair right now.


You can also learn more about the company by visiting their website, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin!