NY Startup shows benefit of IT support

NY Startup shows benefit of IT support

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Major metropolitan areas like Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and New York City are hotbeds for startups, many of which have significant technical components to them. What might be surprising to some, however, is that a good number those entrepreneurs start out with little or no technology training.

Instead, they rely on fellow entrepreneurs and IT support consultants to help turn their visions into successful enterprises. In a recent interview with Inc, a technology and business blog, the co-founders of New York City startup Hukkster discussed how two retail industry veterans with no IT background were able to launch a tech-heavy business.

Chief among the lessons learned by Katie Finnegan and Erica Bell was not to let their lack of technical expertise divert them from what they knew to be a good business opportunity.

“It’s very easy, especially if you’re in a technical meeting, for people to just bust out into technical jargon, and you’re kind of lost,” says Finnegan. “Don’t be afraid to say, ‘So what does that mean?’ You can always explain it in layman’s terms, and we found that oftentimes we’ve [realized], ‘Oh, wait. I actually don’t want to do it that way, and here’s why.'”


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