New York Silicon Alley Weekly Newsletter Issue 27 Dec

New York Silicon Alley Weekly Newsletter Issue 27 Dec

Hi all,

2014, it’s around the corner! We have more presenters and sponsors announced for our first event of the new year: Jan 23rd#TMUdrinks and Demo evening. Check out current stats and ask any questions you may have here. We are out of free tickets. From now until doors open we have $10 tickets available.

We still have space for two more presenters, if interested, please apply to present.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to join us on facebook and twitter !

All the best, Francesca


New Members Welcome

Eric martucci: Biz Dev, Marketing

Jon: Working at eXprtMedia

Richard Chandler: CEO of Shrinkage Stoppers International

Kristen­: Web designer and photographer

Jiao Ma: Self employed

David Cogen: Working at and

Jehovy Santiago: Working at Time Warner cable

Joy­: Developer/Programmer

Jorge­: Sales engineer

Igor M. Borushek: Technology entrepreneur

Bilal Muhammad: Software Engineer with background in embedded software development

John Wei: Web developer and entrepreneur




23 Jan 2014: TechMeetups Drinks & Demo Night! New York Jan 2014 #TMUdrinks [ RSVP HERE ]

24 Apr 2014: TechMeetups presents #TechStartupJobs Fair New York 2014 [ RSVP HERE ]



Is it the time for Joint Shared Services?

Last month we wrote about how the rate of technology change is outpacing the internal IT departments of organisations.

Meet the Top 5 Angel Investors of 2013 (Infographic)

It’s been a very busy year for 2013’s top five angel investors.



6 Tips for Setting Up an Eye-Catching Job Fair Booth – TechStartHub

How to choose the right ecommerce platform [Infographic] – PayMill

The Full D11 Interview of Ben Silbermann(@8en) CEO of Pinter… – All Things D

Why Your Business Should Get in on the Gamification Trend – Entrepreneur

INFOGRAPHIC: Who Get’s to Drive Financial Technology? – Profromavtive

Interviewwith Tom Moor (@tommoor) – Founder of Sqwiggle(@sqwiggle) – Bita List


Ideas to be brought to life

What’s your BIG IDEA?

If you have an idea please submit at TechIdeaHub


Fans Choir

Mobile football app that aims to make football more of a democracy then a dictatorship by finally letting a football fan’s voice be heard and amplified on their football club’s team selection, performance and tactics.


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