Net firms’ hiring slows in Hub, but not in New York

Net firms’ hiring slows in Hub, but not in New York

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Excerpts from the Innovation Economy blog.

Cook Associates, an executive recruiting firm, is producing an interesting quarterly report­ on hiring at Boston Internet and digital media companies.

Managing director John Barrett said that LinkedIn was used to examine 137 Internet and digital media companies that have 10 or more employees in Boston and to see whether they are adding jobs, cutting jobs, or staying the same.

In the second quarter, Barrett found, the companies added 400 jobs.

Fifty-nine percent increased their headcount, 31 percent decreased it, and 10 percent kept it stable. The 10 that added the most jobs in Boston were:

1. Vistaprint

2. Turbine

3. TripAdvisor

4. Google

5. Wayfair

6. Constant Contact

7. TechTarget

8. HubSpot


10. Fiksu

Barrett said that since he started tracking this data at the beginning of 2012, “we saw a very sharp slowdown in hiring in Boston at the end of April and early May, among early-stage companies. That was not happening in New York.”



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