Need a job? Work for a startup

Need a job? Work for a startup

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df7aa17579f3b64370a97f5a7c625d95b8768114We all know the jobs situation is bleak. Growth is still slow. Hiring is tentative, and still not in large enough numbers to reduce unemployment significantly. Europe can still be described, generously, as having a fragile economy, which means it still has a downside impact on the macro-economic climate.

It is no wonder then that this year’s batch of graduates are entering a jobs market not dissimilar to the one graduates found themselves in during the worst of the recession, and are being forced to look for alternatives to the traditional corporate career path that many expected to find themselves on.

Some pioneering entrepreneurs, like Rajeeb Dey, CEO of Enternships, are taking great steps to try to fix the employment and underemployment situation for graduates. He launched his UnRecruitment campaign at the Davos World Economic Forum 2013. UnRecruitment is designed to work with large employers to change the way recruitment works – so that both companies and candidates benefit from the experience. Enternships has also partnered with Santander UK and Wayra, the O2-Telefonica-backed global startup incubator program, in order to provide paid internships for graduates and students.

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