Meltwater – Help Create AI for Advanced Media Monitoring

Meltwater – Help Create AI for Advanced Media Monitoring

Sometimes to run a successful business you don’t need to to come up with something totally new. Sometimes you just have to come up with a better solution to the current problems. Meltwater, a company which joins us for the London Tech Job Fair on the 20th of September is the best example of such approach. Read their brand story today and see if they’re the company you’d like to work for!

The company was created in 2001, in the very beginning of social media as they are now. Small back then, now Meltwater employs over 1500 people in 55 offices around the world and offers their solutions to more than 25 thousand clients.

The company utilizes the AI to provide an advanced monitoring of the existing media, including social media. They create Media Intelligence, a solution then used to discover the upcoming social media trends.

“We started by transforming the traditional press clippings service. We now go beyond news monitoring by adding social media listening and building dashboards for real-time analytics and benchmarking”, they explain.

Now, Meltwater is coming to London Tech JobFair to look for new talent like you. They’re searching for someone who, as they say, has an entrepreneurial spirit, motivated by a high level of responsibility and autonomy and has the potential to influence and shape the future of their growing UK business.

In return, they offer constant growth opportunities and a number of employee perks, such as personal healthcare and pension programmes.

If Meltwater sounds like a company you’d like to work for, book your free ticket for London Tech Job Fair and meet with them personally!
You can also visit their website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more about them!