Meet the established IT team that thinks differently at TechStartupJobs Fair

Meet the established IT team that thinks differently at TechStartupJobs Fair

The TechStartupJobs Fair is an event which brings together London’s most innovative startups with innovative dev teams that work collaboratively, constantly iterate based on learning and put IT first.  We’re delighted to say that this time we are also lucky to have a large and established company joining the job fair since its CIO and IT team think and act in the same way.  That company is JJ Food Service.

You may have seen many trucks with the words “JJ” on the side, delivering food to restaurants, but did you ever think of the IT system that sits behind all those orders, deliveries and customer interactions?  Here’s what the team have to say about their way of working:

“We are proud of the technology ecosystem we’ve built across our entire organization, one that listens and gives input at every level, and learns organically from what works and doesn’t.  We thrive from strategic relationships with Microsoft, Cisco and others — running multi-year beta trials in production, with direct access to the people who make the software we operate.  This all drives our entirely autonomous in-house team every day to collaboratively solve issues before they become problems.”

You can meet JJ Food Service at the TechStartupJobs Fair on 11 September 2012 by registering here.

And you can also hear from JJ’s CIO, Rif kiamil, who will be presenting at the TechStartupJobs Fair, in this video interview:

See more from the IT team and view their current job vacancies at the JJ Food Service IT team blog.


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