Marketing Your Startup Business: A Quick Guide

Marketing Your Startup Business: A Quick Guide

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One of my favorite marketing blog posts was written in April 2009 by HubSpot co-founder Dharmesh Shah.He called it Startup Marketing: Tactical Tips From The Trenches. 

“If I were starting a company today,” Dharmesh wrote, “here’s what I would do in the first ten days.”

In that same spirit, here’s a rough outline of steps I’d recommend for businesses just getting started. I hope someone who’s starting a business finds it useful. Credit where credit is due, some of these suggestions are pretty similar to what Dharmesh wrote nearly four years ago.

How to start marketing your new business

1. Pick a name. Choose one that’s simple, short, and for which the URL (the web address) is available. Shoot for .com. Other top-level domains are becoming acceptable, particularly .tv, .ly and .me but they can be more expensive and may not available through leading registrars.

2. Purchase your URL.  Buy from GoDaddy, or any other reputable supplier of domain names. Set up your domain email: [email protected].  I recommend GoDaddy because they’re reasonable and provide excellent support. There are other fine providers, too. But if you have to shop around, and get recommendations, you’re wasting time.


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