Magno IT: The Right IT Company For You

Magno IT The Right IT Company For You

Magno IT: The Right IT Company For You

Amsterdam is one of the most exciting cities in Europe. We will be creating more excitement in this city because our Tech Job Fair will take place there this April.

We’re happy to offer you a variety of opportunities with the companies joining us at the fair. Magno IT is one of these companies and they are excited to have you onboard.

Do you want to know their story, culture, and team? Read the article below to find out more about them and to be prepared when you meet them in person, very soon.

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What’s the story behind the creation of your company?

Magno IT is a family company and established in 2011 by Debby de Groot, specialized in Sales and Recruitment, Gerard de Groot, specialized in Financial Management, and Lara de Groot specialized in IT and Operational Management.

‘Magno’ is the Latin translation for ‘Groot’ and therefore a reference to the family name.

Starting out in a small office in an industrial area in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, Magno IT has recently relocated for the second time to a large and comfortable office space close to Baarn Station.

In eight years, Magno IT has managed to develop long term relations as a preferred supplier to large multinationals as well as MKB clients and dedicated IT professionals.

What’s your company culture like?

Magno IT is a commercial company and a family company, where new colleagues receive thorough training and time to learn. We approach challenges and celebrate achievements as a team, with a clear goal in mind: to match IT consultants with new employers or IT projects in a personal, professional and transparent manner.

What is your team like? How do you work?

Magno IT is an international company with employees from different countries and cultures. We work together as a team or in pairs to achieve goals and targets set. Our IT recruiters are in charge of finding, interviewing and committing IT professionals. Our account managers are responsible for making introductions to new clients, for maintaining relationships with existing clients and for obtaining a thorough knowledge of requirements for each new vacancy.

Our backoffice is a crucial part of our success and aftercare services. They are most often mentioned in references by our network of IT professionals. Do you need to relocate from abroad and do you need help with finding accommodation or do you want to bring your horse? Our colleagues in the backoffice can help.

What kind of people are you looking for?

Magno IT is always interested to get in touch with IT professionals who might one day be looking to work for one of our clients. IT professionals from within AND outside of the EU are most welcome to join our network. Our roles could appeal to many professionals, including test engineers, network engineers, architects, support engineers, project managers, scrum masters, developers, product owners and analysts.

Hiring managers who might appreciate our assistance with recruitment for their roles is most welcome. We would be happy with the introduction and would strive to let it be the start of a successful collaboration.

Who’s the best match for your team?

As Magno IT is expanding its operations, we are looking for recruitment and sales professionals to join us! If you are interested in working in an international and exciting environment, do check our website for openings. We offer attractive career opportunities in Recruitment and Sales.

What benefits and perks do you offer your employees?

Magno IT offers a good salary and employees share in the revenues. We have regular team outings. Twice a year the high-performance employees are rewarded with a weekend trip to one of the wonderful cities in Europe.

Not limited to this, if you want to know all about Magno IT, you can meet them at our Amsterdam Tech Job Fair. In the meantime, you can visit their website for additional info. Also, don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates.

See you all in Amsterdam!