Magix: Changing the Multimedia

Magix: Changing the Multimedia

Are you ready to meet Magix? They’re coming to our upcoming Berlin Tech Job Fair this week so you better buckle up and get ready for an awesome interview with them! Find it below!

What’s the story behind the creation of your company? What inspired you to start your business?

The meeting of two developers from Dresden at a technology school and two entrepreneurs from West Germany in 1993, resulted in something like a “Big Bang” with respect to bringing multimedia into everyday life. The algorithm of the professional audio program Samplitude was adjusted to create Music Maker, an easy-to-use software for loop-based music production. This event marked the birth of MAGIX. Since then we offer software solutions and web services for audio and video editing, photo presentation, and graphic and web design. With the acquisition of the popular product lines VEGAS Pro, VEGAS Movie Studio, SOUND FORGE, and ACID, we have further established our presence in the international market – particularly in the US, Brazil, Russia, Japan, and China. According to sales figures, MAGIX ranks No. 5 worldwide in its sector (Gartner). Today, MAGIX employs over 350 team members at their headquarters in Berlin and locations worldwide.

What’s your current view on the market you work in? What makes you feel like your brand stands out?

Video, music, photo, design, VR – our wide product range allows us to offer the perfect software for every demand. We see our products and ourselves as creative enablers, because no matter the experience level of the user, the result at the end is always truly professional. Whether through intelligent help functions, wizards and automatizations, or other innovative product features.

What’s the thing that you appreciate/value/cherish more about what you do as a brand?

Thanks to our software, anyone can bring creative ideas to life and share their feelings and experiences with others in a unique way. Our products transform people into creators – helping them elicit the emotions of others. Make people gasp with amazement, laugh, or even cry.

What’s your company culture like? What is that you want to represent?

Modern workstations, easy-to-reach locations, a fruit bowl at reception – there are things that many companies offer. We know these conveniences don’t make us special. And yet they make the workday easier. What really defines working with us is the open work atmosphere and the readiness of each and every person to listen to his or her coworkers.

What is your team like? How do you work?

Many of our employees are also interested in video, music, photo or web technology, and mobile apps outside of work. We make our products available to our employees for home use for free. Many of our employees share their personal experiences with our products with the developers. This helps us to make our products even better.

With us, you’ll never work in a completely isolated team, but will be in regular contact with other departments. This lively and constructive exchange allows us to constantly find new solutions and stay competitive.

What are your goals and plans for the future? What’s your biggest ambition?

Always provide our customers with the best possible product experience at a fair price. Be drivers of the latest technology.

How does that sound to you? Make sure you’ve got your tickets booked and ready for Berlin Tech Job Fair where you can meet Magix!