LucaNet: Simply Intelligent

LucaNet: Simply Intelligent

Berlin Tech Job Fair brings great companies and tech talent together once again. This is a great chance both for those who want to grow their business and find new teammates and for those who are looking for a dream job. Meet LucaNet who wants to meet you at our Tech Job Fair.

Rolf-Jürgen Moll and Oliver Schmitz founded LucaNet in 1999 with the goal to provide a software solution for planning, controlling, and financial consolidation. They came up with the visionary idea of a software solution for planning, controlling, and financial consolidation. Responding to the gap in the market, LucaNet paid close attention to ensure maximum ease of use by even inexperienced IT users. Together with Dominik Duchon, the two founders remain executive directors. Now LucaNet is a leading provider of corporate performance management solutions.

The team of LucaNet continues to work hard on improving their products, making them faster, easier to use and more efficient. As a growing and international company, they have plenty of ideas for the future. Their main aim is to advance LucaNet’s global success.

LucaNet has a motivated team of bright minds. Professional, customer-focused, and forward-thinking are the attributes that have defined their approach and the expertise they have developed over the course of the past years. They are always open to new ideas. At LucaNet, a friendly, well-oiled team is the key to success. Ambitious and dedicated, but fun and team spirit are not missed out on.

Now LucaNet is looking for teammates to join them. No matter if you’ve studied computer science or entered from a different educational background, they offer varied working areas in frontend, backend, performance and more. If you like to work with databases or to develop new sophisticated UI components, if you’re interested in algorithms, or if you prefer to stick to the performance under the hood, you will find a good fit for you and get space to develop.

Feels like you are the one LucaNet is looking for? Berlin Tech Job Fair gives you the chance to meet this amazing team in person. Grab your free tickets and get ready!

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