Spring is here!

It’s a perfect time to start something new. Finding a new job, move to another city. So why not pick Lisbon?

This sunny capital of Portugal has a lot to offer to every challenge-hungry jobseeker. With the upcoming Tech Job Fair, a number of companies gather in Lisbon look for new tech talent.

See who’ll be present and who’s going to be hiring. One of them may be your future boss!


Teamleader joins TechMeetups for several events this year: in Amsterdam, Lisbon, Berlin and Paris. Their team designs and delivers a smart CRM tool for small and medium business. As an employer, Teamleader offers a number of perks and benefits, wonderful growth-friendly environment and fantastic team of passionate and open-minded people. They’re looking for employees working smart, thinking big and ready to face challenges related to creating CRM software

Deloitte’s goals are ambitious – to deliver top-notch networking services to their clients across tens of fields and specializations. Numerous companies gather under Deloitte to benefit from the contacts their offer. Currently, you can become the part of their company! Join their team of people who value their colleagues and believe that the true power lies with employees creating the brand of Deloitte


Kelly is one of the oldest companies joining us in Lisbon. Since more than sixty years, they’re devoted to providing their clients with outstanding staffing services, coaching and HR assistance. Their professionalism is well-matched by their pro-employee attitude and their ability to offer you great development settings. In Lisbon, they’re looking for like-minded and hard-working individuals who’ll fit in the company’s culture

Claranet’s excellence in providing IT management services took them far. Today, their company runs 24 offices in 8 countries, employing around 1800 people. Among their clients, you can find brands as big as Airbus, Unicef, Peugeot and Channel 5. Claranet is looking for people who will match their team, passionate about delivering top-notch results, eager to learn and develop. In return, they’ll offer you their best as a company and countless growth opportunities 

Unik SEO is a Lisbon-based SEO agency which delivers their services to clients from several countries around Europe. But they don’t only work hard to increase traffic and up the SERP ratings of their customers! They also are more than eager to walk that additional mile and create an awesome working space. If you’re looking for a place where you can put your SEO skills to the test, Unik SEO’s is the right place to go. We assure you, they’re all about talking to new talent


Daltix specialises in market analytics, providing their customers with up-to-date and specific market data that allows them to get ahead of their competition. Their team believes that with the right mindset, even working with data can be a fascinating challenge. If you agree, they are the right people to talk to. They’re looking for someone data savvy, eager to learn and explore new challenges – those more and less usual ones 

Homeit brings the revolution into the world of house rental market. They offer their door-locking app to clients in several European countries and want to expand farther. You can help them in their mission by joining their hard-working and innovation-friendly working environment. Bring in passion for technology, innovation, travel and houses – that’s how you can get noticed

Evident is a digital marketing agency that makes digital transformation successful for their customers. Joining up for Tech Job Fair in Lisbon, they are currently looking for new employees that will bring a touch of freshness to their team. If you’re passionate about digital marketing and proud of your know-how in this field, stop by Evident’s stand during the event and ask them about their current job openings 


DarwinLabs offer high-quality consulting services and specialise in Outsystems technology. They pride themselves on creating software that matters and they’re always after talented people to help their company grow and develop. They believe it’s employees like you that drive their success, so if you agree – make sure you booked your ticket for Lisbon already



Valispace fits well in the era of rocket, satellites and space popularity They design a collaborative software for engineering team that helps them create advanced hardware. Are you ready for strict-tech and data job? Are you all about advanced technology? Prepare your resume and join us for Lisbon fair to talk to Valispace in person



Elsa is a learning app that uses AI technology to help people all around the world learn English better and faster. Customers fall in love with it and the company sets ambitious goals for the future. Are you willing to become a part of it? Bring a sparkle for technology, AI and languages and you might yet get employed by their team

Pipedrive is one of the world’s most famous CRM applications, a company which has grown quickly for a short period of time. Their passion for development and improvement lead them to what they are now, and they’re looking for other people to become a member of their international family. Are you a hard-working, result-focused person understanding the needs of companies using CRMs? Apply for Pipedrive’s jobs in Lisbon


Originating from Palo Alto, California, the company designed one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency monitoring app. In Lisbon, they will be looking for people with highly set goals, ambitions to grow and expand their product further. Does working in blockchain technology sound like your cup of tea? You should leave your resume at their stand in Lisbon  

So, where’s your Lisbon ticket?

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