Job Fair helping people find part time work

Job Fair helping people find part time work

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487408_GUnemployment rates have fallen nationwide but there are still nearly 12 million active job seekers who cannot find work.

A recent study by the 27/7 Wall Street identified the states where residents had the best chances of finding work and also received the best benefits while they were looking.

Four of the top five border South Dakota. While the Mount Rushmore State doesn’t make the top 10, unemployment here remains about half the national average.

This comes after a slight rise in Sioux Falls’ unemployment from May to June.

That seems to be the trend.

People with full-time jobs wanting to add a little something extra to their schedules, and their paychecks. Either that, or many others are retired.

SD unemployment sits at 3.9% far lower than the national rate of 7.6%

SMG Sioux Falls President Terry Torkildson says, when it comes to finding new part or full-time hires, even that can bring a few challenges.


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