Is Google the most innovative tech company on the planet?

Is Google the most innovative tech company on the planet?

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Innovation is often thought to be the life of the startup. The madcap entrepreneurs and fearless youngsters throwing themselves into changing the world, with faith and hope and a little craziness. The talk is of disrupting the industry and shaking things up. These are the people with nothing to lose, with their whole lives ahead of them, looking forward, never backward.

Big corporations are mostly seen at the other end of the spectrum. They are sometimes accused of focusing on profit and shareholders over their customers, and innovation isn’t often high on the list of priorities.

But for some global brands, they do try new things. Google is famous for search, and it has become so much more than that. But do they have too many ideas, are they having too many failures, and are they really the most innovative tech company on the planet?

A long list of success… and failures

The list of Google’s innovations, some of which have been successful but many that haven’t, is long and incredibly varied. Some of them are big changes that really don’t seem like it – new things that we assimilate into our lives as naturally as wearing a new shirt, like when Google Instant made our searches lightning quick or when Street View brought our navigation down to street level. Google Fiber, (currently in an experimental stage in Kansas City) hopes to do this with our Internet connections, bringing broadband speeds 100x today’s average.


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