Indians create technology that lets smartphone cameras click 3D photos

Indians create technology that lets smartphone cameras click 3D photos

Original post by Neenu Abraham via The Economic Times

BANGALORE: The next wedding photograph you shoot can be in 3D and that too, on an ordinary mobile phone camera. Instead of a static line of friends and relatives posing, a three-dimensional view of the scene can be captured and sent to friends over Facebook or Flickr. The 3D effect on your smartphone brings in a dash of the excitement and emotion thrown in along with the photographs.

And in case you want to focus on a favourite aunt in the picture, it can be done at a later date. Again, with the help of a technology built-in in your mobile cameras. While Samsung made a big bang announcement a couple of days ago on their latest Galaxy Camera which combines features of a smartphone with those in latest cameras, here is a camera design which does exactly the reverse.

Two Indian researchers, Kshitij Marwah and Ramesh Raskar – both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — are ready with a technology which can provide developers a platform to integrate features found in digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras in their smartphones.

Marwah, who is in Bangalore to introduce this technology to the R&D heads of the world’s biggest mobile phone-makers, says: “We have developed a new camera design called Light Field Camera technology that can be fitted inside a cellphone camera to capture the bundle of light rays coming from the scene, giving users the ability to capture single-shot 3D photos.”



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