How to manage commercial vehicles with Avrios

How to manage commercial vehicles with Avrios

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Managing commercial vehicles in your fleet can be challenging, especially when the fleet holds over 1000 vehicles that need to be managed between 23 locations as it does with our client Flaschenpost. Let’s take a look at what flaschenposts SE challenges were with their commercial vehicles and how they managed to improve their fleet with Avrios. 

Manage your vehicles with Avrios

Challenges in commercial vehicles management

Flaschenpost SE, located in Münster, is a logistics and digital company that was founded in 2016. Catering to 23 locations, the startup guarantees delivery of beverages to the doorstep within only 120 minutes. As the fleet has rapidly grown over the past years (from 40 commercial vehicles to 1500 and 100 company cars), it faced more and more challenges in managing the fleet most effectively. Many of the tasks for commercial vehicle management were done manually and therefore took an enormous amount of time every day, which could have been used more efficiently. 

The startup had two initial goals when reaching out to Avrios: firstly, they needed a solution that would be tailored to the rapid growth of the fleet and potential workshop visits and damages. Secondly, the startup needed a solution that enabled them to manage and organize their fines digitally among all 23 locations. Quickly reacting to new locations was hereby an essential goal. 

Managing commercial vehicles through data integration and OCR

As a solution, flaschenpost SE used the Avrios platform to simplify and accelerate their processes and implemented a digital data integration to do so. With that, all data from their commercial vehicles and their company cars were automatically updated and the fleet managers were able to retrieve and evaluate them in real-time at all times. 

Manage your vehicles with Avrios

Further, the company was also able to improve its workshop process by using the commercial vehicle data and damage patterns of its cars. With that, the fleet manager was not only able to filter out the best workshops and prices in case of damage but was also able to make well-thought-through decisions through advanced reporting. 

In addition, fine management had also been a big issue for the company as the administrative tasks to handle a load of fines was almost impossible to manage with over 7000 drivers in place. To reduce time, the company used OCR technology. This means, whenever tickets were coming in, they were automatically read out and implemented within the Avrios platform. This centralized and standardized process helped the fleet manager gain more control, especially over his commercial vehicles. “It was important to us that data protection is 100 percent adhered to, and that is the case with Avrios,“ emphasizes fleet manager Stephan Zech. 

On top of that, Avrios also enabled flaschenpost SE to gain easier access to advanced analysis and document management, which saved a lot of time and created more transparency over the current status of the fleet and potential risks with their commercial vehicles. 

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