How to make a good impression on your future employer?

How to make a good impression on your future employer?

Whether you’re attending an interview or network with employers during one of our events, the good impression is your key to success. You’ve probably read tens of guides on how to impress your future employer, but have you ever thought of these 5 points below?

Tip 1: Balance your attitude

For most people it goes without saying that they want a serious, reliable employee that will take full responsibility for their actions and productivity. Nobody wants to employ someone who will fail them.

It’s good to show that you’re serious and responsible by proving your skills and showing off your completed projects. But you can allow yourself a more casual and friendly attitude. Such approach will show the other party that you’re a confident person that has something particular to offer and will be happy to discuss it. However, don’t go overboard! Getting too friendly, too personal or too casual can scare of the future employer.

In short: be friendly, but be professional.

Tip 2: Give them a story or a case study

There is one thing that marketers do these days, and it’s selling stories. They tell their customer base how their product or service helped others. They share case studies featuring particular customers. You may not be a marketer, but you can do that as well.

Whether you’re attending a job fair or have a scheduled interview, come up with one compelling story that you can tell about your potential employee. It doesn’t have to be long, but it has to be real and valuable. Go back to your past experiences and think whether you once streamlined some company process or solved an issue others could not. Tell them about the most interesting project you’ve had and how it affected your previous employers.

Stories do sell – products and people alike.

Tip 3: Show them you’ve got something in common

It’s always easier to talk to a person when you find you’ve got something in common. Whether it’s another person on a bus stop, a newly met colleague or an employer at a job fair. Research the company you’re interested in and find all points that connect you with it. It’s not about saying “Hey, I love IT too”. Tell them you share their views on how important it is for an employee to be proactive and take ownership of their responsibilities. Maybe you’ve got something in common with the CEO, like working in the same field for an extended period of time? Use such hooks to make sure you’re a memorable person.


Tip 4: Ask questions

Never be that person who answers with “no” when asked if they’ve got some questions. Always make inquiries. Ask details about the positions, about the company culture. Ask your employer how do they support employee growth and learning, what is the team like. Don’t be afraid to say you’ve read about them somewhere or heard about their projects. Simply show you’re interested. Always encourage the talk.

Tip 5: Thank them

If you went for an interview at a company, don’t forget to thank them. Whether you get employed or not, show you appreciate the time they devoted to you. A simple email saying you were happy to talk and wish them all the best is more than enough. HR departments rarely receive such messages and believe us – it will be noticed.

In every talk with your future employer, it is important to stay professional while staying human. Don’t forget that every conversation is your chance to sell yourself and use it wisely. Our tips will surely help you!