How to hire the right employee?

How to hire the right employee?

Bad hires hurt your company. They usually mean costs you wouldn’t want and problems you’d like to avoid. They leave you with loss of money, time and energy. How to avoid them? It’s simple although not easy – by hiring the right people. These five tips will tell you what to look out for when you’re talking to candidates during an interview or one of our job fairs.

Know the needs of your company

And don’t be generic about them. Saying you need and UX specialist isn’t enough. Even though it does describe certain skills and qualifications the person should have, it’s still only the very basic information.

Instead, grab a notepad and start writing down all you think would come in handy. Take into consideration that some people won’t fit in certain company models – for example, not everyone is cut for being a member of a team working on flexible hours.

Wonder what is your company lacking. It is some hard or soft skills? Is your office feeling stale and you’d like someone to bring in some freshness and energy? Don’t be afraid to approach your current employees and ask who’d they like on board.


Respect your own culture and your team

The character features of your team members are probably that one thing which makes your company work. If they’re close-knit co-workers that love team work and joint activities, it could be huge mistake to hire a stubborn individualist who works best as a lone wolf.

The company culture is also a vital element you cannot forget about. While interviewing a potential employee, ask questions that will help you determine whether they fit in it. It’s important that you pay close attention to whether the given person represents the same values as your company and has mutual goals.

On the other hand, you may want to carefully experiment with who you employ. It’s risky but sometimes people who think different can bring countless positive changes to the company. Change of perspective can serve your business well as long as it doesn’t conflict with the company’s base values.

Don’t be afraid to teach

While experience is something we are all after, offering a learning chance can prove more fruitful than you expect.

It’s hard, if not impossible, to change a personality that doesn’t fit in your team. Skills, experience and expertise won’t help if there are constant temper clashes that hold your company back. What can be changed, however, is the lack of skill.

Not always can you afford to become someone’s teacher, but raising an unexperienced employee to a professional can be your best investment. Consider giving a chance to those who lack experience or skills but look like that perfect personality match.


Don’t hire alone

You may have an idea who do you think would fit best in your company. You might have found the candidate you consider right. But hold on – don’t make that decision alone.

Hear out other people from your company. Let them talk to the candidates and listen to what they say. Their perspective may be different than yours, providing valuable insight that can change your mind about many things.

See what they bring to interview

Interview is the crucial moment for every hiring process. Pay attention not only to what the candidate says, but also what they bring with themselves.

Check out their attitude. You definitely don’t want to hire someone who radiates negativity. While interview is stressful for many people, some red flags have nothing to with being nervous. Look out for people speaking bad about their previous teams or bosses or dragging you into personal stories unrelated to the job. You want to look for people who, despite possible stress, still present a friendly attitude and bring in positive energy.

Hiring the right person isn’t simple but relying on your team and respecting your company culture makes it easier. Keep these tips in mind next time you talk to a potential employee!