How to Get Your Resume Noticed

How to Get Your Resume Noticed

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I’ve got to be honest here: Sometimes going through resumes is a drag.  Don’t get me wrong, HR is a great field to work in and it is incredibly rewarding, but there are things that we see in HR that cannot be unseen.

Sure the job market is tough right now, but, from my experience, people still aren’t putting the necessary effort into their resumes to ensure they are getting the attention the resumes deserve.

So how do you make sure your resume grabs the attention of your reader? Follow along for a fewresume tips and insights to reevaluate the document you have now and get better results:


Forget about a fancy letterhead and swirly font types. When employers comes across a fancy resume, they see that the candidate doesn’t have enough confidence in his or her experience and abilities to just leave well enough alone. You don’t need to dress up success; success bleeds through the pages of your resume.

With that being said, if for some reason you feel you must dress up your resume, I implore you, please don’t include your picture. Your resume should describe who you are, your skills and accomplishments on paper. The interview is where potential employers can put a face with a name. And for you movie buffs, do not spray your resumes with a sweet scent (thank you, Legally Blonde). It is not a love letter and its smell, if any, will not help.

The only exception to this rule is if you are applying for a position working in the creative department of a company or you want to be a model or actress and pictures of yourself are necessary. Otherwise, just say no.